Also available from my GitHub repo This patch allows the format of dates in the index to vary based on how recent the message is. This is especially useful in combination with David Champion's patch to allow if-else sequences to be nested.

For example, using ' %?[1y?%\?[1d\?%[%H:%M]\&%[%m/%d]\?&%[%y.%m]?' for the date in the index format will produce a display like:

   1   F 97.12 To mutt-users@c (   40) Re: rfc934 compliance
   2   F 10/02 To Mutt Develop (   15) Re: tiny mkstemp patch
   3   L 12:17 Michael Elkins  (   16) Re: Replying with the appropriate address
This patch turns the $mark_old variable into a quad option that controls only whether or not mutt will automatically mark new messages when you leave a folder.

The other part of this variable is moved to $see_old. Also, with this patch changing the value of $see_old takes effect immediately, not only when changing folders.

Patch for mutt 1.5 (development version)

This patch adds the % modifier to mutt's pattern matching capabilities. When this is used, the remainder of that criteria will match against the message's immediate parent (if it's in the current folder). For example, "%~P | ~P" would match messages from you and their immediate replies.
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